Smith Floral Company was founded in 1896 by E. Howard Smith in downtown Hazleton.

In 1936, E. Howard’s son, Robert Smith, and his wife, Mary, purchased the building at 41 E. Broad Street to continue the family floral business. As the business grew, the greenhouses were purchased in West Hazleton. Their son Robert A. Smith and then later Bob’s son, Jim followed in his Dad’s footsteps and became the 4th generation to run the business.

The floral shop was added to the West Hazleton greenhouses in 1960.

In 2014, Smith Floral was purchased by Jennifer Donald Barnasevitch, who had been a dedicated employee since high school (26 years!).

Jennifer was presented with an opportunity to expand in 2018. She purchased Stewarts Florist and welcomed their customers to be served from the West Hazleton location.